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  1. Thank you for this series. I hope it will prove helpful for people.

    In that vein, I’d suggest readers consider this partial response from Dreher regarding the charge that his perspective and those who share it are tainted by white Christian privilege “… it’s pretty funny to accuse Archbishop Chaput, a Native American (he’s a member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi), of mourning the decline in white privilege.”

    You can find the whole response here:

  2. “There’s clearly a disconnect between these two. Smith refers to the loss of power and privilege of white Christianity. Dreher responds with the overall number for the decline of Christianity in America. Those are two distinct points, and they can both be right. Christianity, as a whole, can be in decline even as certain segments of it continue to flourish.”

    What segments of Christianity in America are flourishing? What is causing them to flourish? Will they continue to flourish if Dreher’s characterization of the contemporary American cultural trajectory is correct? Are non-elite Whites who follow Dreher’s suggestions more or less likely to flourish? In either event, will that hinder the flourishing of the other “certain segments”?

  3. Two more comments. First, the word racism, even when combined with the adjective “structural,” cannot help but be offputting to many folks. It will probably take a journalist, not an academic, to make its meaning clear. In the interim, I strongly urge American (including those north of the 49th parallel) folks to take the Harvard Implicit Association Test (

    Second, any shortcomings in the scope of Dreher’s book are simply an opening to write one’s own book. That Dreher didn’t write the book one would have written if one had written a book is an underwhelming criticism.

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