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  1. I have not been to church for at least ten years. I was turned off by phoniness. I started gambling and it turned into a problem, and I am in gamblers anonymous now. I feel I have found my higher power and it is nothing like Christianity. Some of the things I learned in church seem to condemn me, like Jesus is the only way. I’m tired, and I do believe he is redeemer but I do not want anything to do with made up religion. To my point if you are still with me, I am a bipolar person, and I discovered a higher power. I have been having deep groaning for this god. I think it is my higher power praying for me. What do you think?

    1. Jesus did not come to condemn you, he came that you may be justified. He paid the price for your sins already, and he remembers them no more. Step out in faith and rededicate yourself back to him and acknowledge him as your lord and savior. God will fill your heart with peace that passes all human understanding

    2. The groanings of the
      Holy Spirit in itself is testimony you are having his spirit rise up in you, but also in my opinion it means you are hurting the spirit of God deeply thus the groanings.
      Our Father will lead you. He is residing in you the evidence are the groanings. When he directs you, choose his path, his way.
      You will know. He will lead you. You have free will to choose something other than his direction.
      Choose God.

  2. Jesus is the only way,no one is perfect in or out of church,you guys should of been faithful and became leaders to teach the “fakes” how to serve god.The church is the body of christ theres no other way,Jesus loves you.

  3. Always remember Jesus came so that you can have a personal relationship with Him, The church is made up of a body of believers, who struggle with issues, you would never know. The church is the hospital were sick people go to receive medicine ( Gods word) in order to live in relationship with Christ. You don’t have to attend church to believe in Jesus but you do have to read His word to live the life that you were born to live……Read the bible and understand it for your self. This is not about anyone else , its about you so take your eyes off of other people and focus on you and the word of God. Amen

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