Silence: A Movie Review February 23, 2017

Scorsese has made his most “Christian” movie here—at least, overtly Christian. Silence says in a hundred creative ways that God is Not Dead, although not, thankfully, in the title.


Hacksaw Ridge: A Movie Review

“Hacksaw Ridge” is a rare bird among war movies, neither pro- nor anti-war. It is in part a response to gung-ho World War II movies in which American warriors kick Nazi or Japanese butts and take names.

Taking My Daughter to Hidden Figures

If Hidden Figures opens the door in this way—if it gets us to tell more stories and helps ensure the conditions that allow for our daughters to become heroes themselves, figuring out equations on chalkboards everywhere, then Hidden Figures is indeed required viewing for us all.


A New Promise and A New Agenda

We have a new go-between, a new prophet of sacrifice and gifts who’s done it all once and forever, whose story includes King David, a freedom fighter named Moses, and Rahab, a prostitute with a heart of gold. We have a new royalty, and he’s the prince of peace.

Living Alongside, with Open Hands

Let us all treat our neighbors with generous love.

Reaching Out

With God’s strength we can break the chains of sin that bind us and prevent us from loving our neighbors.


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