Photo used by permission. Kathleen Van Tol (2015).
Stories from Nejapa April 27, 2015

A word picture of what inclusion looks like at the Nicaragua Christian Academy – Nejapa.


Photo Credit: Dordt College

In Our Own Words

Listen to the voices of minority college students. Hear their voices in a podcast from Dordt College’s chapel service.

Photo by Jason Rogers. ccby2.0

Depression: My Story

Depressed people are not lazy. They’re not crazy. They’re not freaks, and they don’t need to be avoided. They are no more nor less broken than any of us, in this sinful world. Depressed people are just… people. Here is my story.

Photo credit: Carl Fictorie

The Groaning Creation

What does the Bible mean when Paul writes about the frustrated and decaying creation? What should scientists expect to see in their investigations of creation given that the creation is frustrated and decaying? How does sin adversely affect the most basic laws by which the creation operates?


Photo by Alwyn Ladell. ccbyncnd2.0

Easter: She Called Him “Rabboni”

As you celebrate Easter today, may the voice of the resurrected Jesus be an old familiar one to you too. And because of his resurrection, may his voice and his face, on the day you meet him on the other side of the grave in the garden city, be the sweetest sound in the world.

Photo by Waiting for the Word. ccby2.0

Lent: The Suffering Centurion

The centurion carrying out the execution stands face to face with Jesus and when he looks suffering in the face, he sees divinity. He was with Jesus as he suffered. I imagine that at some point following this “day at the office”, the centurion, too, found himself suffering.

Photo by Julie Falk. ccbync2.0

Lent: Behold! Behold! Behold!

Perhaps we’ve lost something with the disappearance of the word behold from our Scripture translations and its corresponding erasure from our culture. Do we really know how to behold? How to stop still, to cease all else, to give our full attention and searching gaze to what is before us?