McSupper or Lord’s Supper? January 16, 2017

The church today would do well to think deeply about the sacrament and how we celebrate it. To make it a sacrament of true joy, rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ, we ought to remember it is a reenactment of that Gospel in which our Lord is truly present with us. The real presence of Christ makes it truly joyful and deeply serious. It’s not a buffet for everyone.


Transhumanism and the Incarnation

St. Irenaeus once suggested that “the glory of God is the human person fully alive.” Christ’s incarnation gives us a picture of the perfect image of God. The way we become what we were meant to be is not primarily through technology, but through the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, who makes us more like Christ.

War Against the Saints: Understanding the Persecuted Church and the United States

In this series of columns for iAt, I will endeavor to tell the story of the United States and Middle Eastern Christians, from the 1950s until today. But first, I want to set the stage by challenging how we think about persecution. How do we make mental sense of horror movie scenes like the bloodbath at St. Mark’s?


Engaging in Conversations

I wonder if God is speaking to me and to us as God’s people through Acts 8 about the simplicity and effectiveness of just sitting down with people whose lives are very different from our own with curiosity, care and thoughtfulness.

Writing a Letter

What would our world look like right now if we started every communication with such language?

Yet If You Say So

If we want to catch people for Christ, we need to be sure to do both parts. We need to be willing to listen for God and expect God to speak in even the most mundane parts of our day.


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