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Supporting Football: the Physical Damage of the Game January 31, 2015

Instead of asking if supporting football is moral or not I believe we should be asking ourselves as players, coaches, and fans how can we use the gifts, talents and abilities God has given us to create a culture in sports where we demonstrate the spirit of God and work for his glory.


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Today on MLK Day people are invited to not only remember the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., but to also join the movement of working to end racism and racial discrimination in the United States. Here are a few links and videos that highlight the work of Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as resources on African American history in the United States.

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Top Webpages to Follow in 2015

With a total of over 1 billion websites from around the world online today, it can be hard to follow every page, but nevertheless, here is our list of top webpages to follow in 2015.

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Most Interesting Movies for 2014

Each year the film industry produces a wide variety of movies. From documentaries to sci-fi and beyond, the industry works diligently to entertain, inspire, and impact the entertainment world. Here is our list of the “most interesting” movies of 2014.


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Christmas: Emmanuel

Today, as many of us worship on Christmas Day, we joyfully end Advent’s waiting with expectation and preparing with reverence. We awake today with that special sense of the ‘in the flesh’ burst of joy brought by Emmanuel—God being with us.

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Advent: Savior

What images come to mind when you think of our Savior? Perhaps you visualize Jesus as an infant, picture him ministering to the poor and oppressed, think somberly of his crucifixion, worship him in awe as you remember his triumph over the grave and anticipate his coming again.

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Advent: Bridegroom

Advent is a season of longing, of yearning for what is to come. It is much like the preparation for a wedding, knowing that the celebration is coming but not here yet.