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Books Your Kids Should Read December 19, 2014

Do your children like to read? We asked the staff of the Sioux Center Public Library to share with us the most read children and juvenile books for 2014. Of course there are books that are checked out a lot but there are also books often missed and would be a great book for your child to read. Read their suggestions, too!


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Be salt and light

Each day in workplaces around the world Christians have an opportunity to be salt and light through the way they accomplish their tasks and interact with those around them. But work is not just a place where we can show our devotion to Christ; it is often part of the world of business, which, when done well, is something that both glorifies God and benefits everyone.

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Leadership and Calling

Our work in Christ’s kingdom is ultimately a part of God’s hand. We are called to carry out God’s work in ways in which we can use the talents that we have been blessed with. This looks differently for all of us and it is an exciting way to have an impact in our jobs and occupations. By focusing on bringing glory to the Lord in our work it gives our jobs more meaning and satisfaction.

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Thoughts on #Ferguson

What has happened in Ferguson, Missouri is not just a one time event. The core of what has happened outside of St. Louis goes much deeper than an encounter gone wrong between a white police office and a black teenage boy. To help our iAt readers be more informed on topics of racial justice, racism, and white privilege here are some articles that have been published since last week Monday’s Grand Jury decision.


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Advent: High Priest

That grace takes a new form in Mary’s baby. Rather than an elaborate religious ritual that enabled one person to stand, as a representative, in the presence of God, God used the most natural of events (childbirth) to come and stand in our presence.

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Advent: Hope

There is a clear response for Christians when we consider the coming, birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ. Hope, which is faithfulness and gratitude.
When we put our hope in Christ, it raises us up beyond the conditions and circumstances that might weaken most people.

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Advent: Mediator

Whenever we sin, God’s holiness demands justice. Our sin alienates us from God (Genesis 3:9). But Jesus steps in and says, “It’s okay, I have already paid for their sins.”