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Placing Ourselves in the Story May 29, 2015

Developing an understanding of the Civil War is an essential part of the curriculum in American schools today. And little wonder: unlike other conflicts in American history, the whole story happens here, at home. The story of the Civil War is the story of us fighting with us, and the conflict shaped not only the immediate situation, but also successive generations of Americans right up to the present day. How can parents and teachers help children and young adolescents understand this pivotal time period in American history?


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Remembering Memorial Day

Thoughts on remembering Memorial Day.

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I am a Food Operations Sergeant

The story of Sergeant Jordan Helming, who serves as a Food Operations Sergeant in the SD Army National Guard.

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We Are an Air Force Family

Read the story of a family serving in the Air Force.


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What is Jesus’ Will?

The word “will” can mean many things. “Will” can be a synonym for desire. For Christians, we talk about God’s Will as something that we do or seek to carry out. We debate the extent of free will and what degree of choice we have in the salvation process.

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Easter: She Called Him “Rabboni”

As you celebrate Easter today, may the voice of the resurrected Jesus be an old familiar one to you too. And because of his resurrection, may his voice and his face, on the day you meet him on the other side of the grave in the garden city, be the sweetest sound in the world.

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Lent: The Suffering Centurion

The centurion carrying out the execution stands face to face with Jesus and when he looks suffering in the face, he sees divinity. He was with Jesus as he suffered. I imagine that at some point following this “day at the office”, the centurion, too, found himself suffering.