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The Endless Cycle of Want December 1, 2015

The endless cycle of want, symbolized by the spell commercials cast over children, can make us wonder: are any of our wants “normal” and inherently human, or are they all created in us by the world of advertising and its wizards behind the curtain? How should we, as Christians, live in a world that is caught in this cycle?


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How to Get a Job

With the current unemployment rate at 5.5% in the United States, one might argue that finding a job in today’s work force is only an uphill battle. One job recruiter disagrees.

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Back to School

Does excitement or sadness enter your mind when you turn the calendar from July to August and realize the start of another school year is just around the corner? Do you wonder how you will ever get your family ready for the early mornings and the structure of school? Here are a few tips that have been helpful through the years.

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We’re in the Kid Business

It’s our deep desire to train children in the way they should go, to help them to seek out God’s will for their life, to help them use their talents and gifts, and to draw them closer to God by learning about the world and the Word. We’re in the kid business.


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Preparing, Advent and Psalm 51

During this season of Advent we pause, or at least try to, and with an eye on Psalm 51, we cry out to the One who is preparing us for that Christ-coming-again, Christ-restoring-completely, Christ-reigning-forever event.

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Advent: The Messy Preparation

John the Baptist reminds us that memories are made in the preparation phase, not just on Christmas Day.

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People of the Second Chance

We all fail: at work, with our families, in our lives. What does it look like to embrace grace and live as people of second (and third, fourth, and seventy-seventh) chances?