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The Hardest Thanks (On Being Broken Bread) November 27, 2014

When we say we give thanks, do we really only mean the good things? Or, like our Savior on the night He was betrayed, could we really give thanks in all things, every single day?


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#flipthescript and Other Articles on Adoption

Adoption is beautiful. Adoption is hard. There are many blogs, webpages, and twitter feeds that focus on adoption. Here is a list of articles, blogs, and webpages focusing on the various perspectives of adoption.


Top Articles on the Web for the Week

Five articles that caught our attention this week at iAt.

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Education as Formation

Most all of us have had a “long internship” in school–from kindergarten through high school–and we think we know what teachers do. Teaching is a very public profession, after all. But there is more to being a teacher than sharing information.


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Rejoice. Pray. Be Thankful

“Rejoice always,” the Bible says. Be joyful when things go right; be joyful when things go wrong. Be joyful in every situation, even if that means ignoring our sinful instinct of worry and finding a joyful way of finding hope in the Lord.

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Gratitude and Good Intentions

Simply resolving to be more thankful doesn’t work. Despite my best intentions, I quickly forget, and instead fret after the desires of my sinful heart. It’s a rare day that thankfulness springs up spontaneously.

In Chains

Set Free

Paul is telling us as plainly as he knows how that being a Christian does not ask anything of us, because God has already demanded everything of Christ. There is no way we need to act, no things we need to do, no commitment we need to live up to. Why not?