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Reflections From the Day Before Today October 23, 2014

Sometimes, we encounter something senseless, and we don’t know what to do, or how to feel–like the ‘big’ and ‘small’ events of life. What happened yesterday was singular and unique and troubling and spirit-raising and confusing. But maybe every day is singular. And unique. And troubling. And spirit-raising. And confusing.


"young wired and living life on the digital edge--meet the Millennials" by Erin Nekervis. CC BY ND 2.0

Top 5 books on ministering to millennials

How do you talk about Jesus with those who have heard about him their entire lives but now want nothing to do with the church? Does ministry to those in their 20’s look the same as it did 15 years ago? Here are five books on ministering to the millennial generation.

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Two posts that caught our eye this week

Should the doctrine of grace equal humility or elitism? How does good theology get twisted from the inside out? How do we have faith in Jesus in our work and in our lives? How do we find meaning in what we do? Good questions asked by two webpages that caught our attention this week. What caught your eye on the web this week?

"Worship at Morningview" by Jason Wohlford. CC BY 2.0

All of Life

We all know that the Church is a people not a place, yet Christians across the globe go to church on any given Sunday. Similarly we gather for worship when in fact, for the Christian, all of life is meant to be worship.


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Living Business as Mission

Jesus showed up in extraordinary ways in the ordinary rhythms of life. Of our waking hours over 50% is spent in the marketplace. Do you view work as your primary mission field?

People I Know

Acceptance by whom?

Who or what are you trying to be accepted by? How can you shift your focus of acceptance from humanity’s acceptance to God’s acceptance?

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In spite of hardship

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to truly be so grace-filled and encouraged that ‘there are no needy persons amongst yourselves?’