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The Andreas Center is where Dordt University does Christian scholarship in public for the common good of the academy, the church, and society.

The mission of the Andreas Center is to advance the development and influence of Reformational thought and its service to God's kingdom by broadening the generational and geographical impact of Dordt University. The Andreas Center carries out its mission by supporting and expanding opportunities, both on and off campus, for students, faculty, and staff to engage culture globally through scholarship and service.

The Andreas Center is located on the campus of Dordt University.

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"No one person can know all science, so we rely on experts. While there are lots of ways to develop trust in those experts, we need to give them that trust, and to listen to their wisdom and act on their advice."
-Carl Fictorie
"In the New Testament, Jesus’ frequent interaction with those at the margins of society, the ‘strangers’ of his day, is telling."
-Robb DeHaan

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