A Journey Towards Diversity: A Review of The Next Worship

After the so-called “worship wars” and the uneasy truce that followed, after several generations of faithful North American Christians being raised completely on contemporary worship music, after a flood of new technologies in church music ministries, an emerging understanding of how Millennials and Gen Z actually think, and an accelerating diversity of peoples, cultures, and ideas, it is reasonable to ask of congregational worship, “What’s next?”
How Can We Support Teachers?

How Can We Support Teachers?

Teaching is not for the faint of heart. The work professional educators do is immensely gratifying, of course. There is clearly deep joy for teachers called to this work, or they wouldn’t continue to do it. But there is a lot of challenge in this emotional labor.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Grace: A Review of Jack

Over the course of four novels, Marilynne Robinson has given the world the palimpsest of Gilead, Iowa, upon which we have seen the slow drama of the Ames and the Boughtons play out.

The Great Balancing Act: A Review of Making Motherhood Work

Middle-class working women around the world are the subjects of Caitlyn Collins’ book. Her research is intended to shed light on the delicate work-family balance that women globally struggle to manage, and the political and social structures (or lack thereof) that help or hinder their success.


Finding Focus

Writing things down is the best way I have found to sort and clear my mind. Three very different kinds of writing help me in… Read more

Compass Plant Leaves and Apparent Randomness

The image above serves probably looks like a generic leaf to most people, but to me it is an entire sermon. Read more

Fear is a Liar

Although social work is unpredictable and stressful at times, the worry and fear that I experience as a parent is far greater. Read more