Theological Truths That Divide Us and Engaging in Disagreement Well

Theological Truths That Divide Us and Engaging in Disagreement Well

"Is Christ divided?" (1 Cor 1:13). Paul’s question is rhetorical, and we’re meant to say, "No, of course not!” But like the fractious Corinthians, we seem to have a pile of evidence to the contrary on our hands.

Too Much of a Good Thing?: A Review of Overdoing Democracy

Sometimes a joke can capture a cultural sentiment as well as any other social commentary, so I’ll begin my review of Robert Talisse’s "Overdoing Democracy" with one that demonstrates his thesis: How do you know if an unmasked adult is vaccinated or not? Just ask who they think won the last presidential election. 
Repairing Broken Fellowship in the Church

Repairing Broken Fellowship in the Church

As broken followers of Jesus, called to live out his holy prayer, we can seek the wisdom and courage we need to pursue unity and reconciliation while standing for truth and righteousness at the same time.

Having Your MasterCake and Eating It Too: A Review of Liberty for All

What are Christians to make of religious liberty? The free exercise of religion is one of the hallmarks of the American Constitution, enshrined alongside speech, assembly, petitioning the government, and freedom of the press, as a way of creating space for religion within American life—however checkered that history of equal protection might be.


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Eat This Bread: Blessed, Broken, and Given  

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Good Friday at Zion Pres

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