Caught in a Web: A Review of A World Without Email

Early in my teaching career, a mentor told me that he thought being a professor was much harder now than when he started, because he now spent several hours “doing email” each day. 

The Picture of Purity: A Review of Talking Back to Purity Culture

Many of us remember the 90s and what has become known as “purity culture.”  It was a time of promoting abstinence, purity rings, purity pledges, and purity balls.

Discerning Doubt: A Review of After Doubt

I have learned that navigating doubt is always a matter of discernment. We must be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to shut down the conversation with premature pronouncements. We must learn to walk together with patience, love, and hope, trusting that there is something deeper than doubt.

When War is the World: A Review of Missionaries

God’s love, he says, is seen here, in this suffering of Christ, in this bleeding wound, a suffering which remains in the midst of violence but is not consumed by it. With this contradiction, Phil Klay opens his premiere novel Missionaries, a work about the ways in which war is exported and propagated, and ultimately transfigures the world.


Finding Focus

Writing things down is the best way I have found to sort and clear my mind. Three very different kinds of writing help me in… Read more

Compass Plant Leaves and Apparent Randomness

The image above serves probably looks like a generic leaf to most people, but to me it is an entire sermon. Read more

Fear is a Liar

Although social work is unpredictable and stressful at times, the worry and fear that I experience as a parent is far greater. Read more