Trying to Understand Memorial Day

Trying to Understand Memorial Day

Let me confess that I have long been confused about Memorial Day.

Podcast Review: Critical Faith

Critical Faith podcast is a space that fosters conversation about all things faith, fellowship, and society and that it gives its audience a glimpse into the everyday life of the students at the Institute for Christian Worship Studies.
Zoomed In, Zoomed Out

Zoomed In, Zoomed Out

The key to keeping our sanity and care for one another during this time comes (by way of pun) in choosing to do two seemingly contradictory things: “zooming in” and “zooming out.” We need to zoom in on finding what moments we can to pursue the Lord, to rest in him. We need to zoom out to see the bigger picture, to stay connected to Jesus’ body.

The Presence of The Spirit: A Review of A Profound Ignorance

There are possibly no worse times to read a theologian such as Ephraim Radner than during a pandemic. Radner’s prose is simultaneously penetrating and demanding, bordering on the opaque at times, and for a parent working from home with two children, Radner offers no respite.


Finding Focus

Writing things down is the best way I have found to sort and clear my mind. Three very different kinds of writing help me in… Read more

Compass Plant Leaves and Apparent Randomness

The image above serves probably looks like a generic leaf to most people, but to me it is an entire sermon. Read more

Fear is a Liar

Although social work is unpredictable and stressful at times, the worry and fear that I experience as a parent is far greater. Read more