The Andreas Center is where Dordt University does Christian scholarship in public for the common good of the academy, the church, and society.

The mission of the Andreas Center is to advance the development and influence of Reformational thought and its service to God's kingdom by broadening the generational and geographical impact of Dordt University. The Andreas Center carries out its mission by supporting and expanding opportunities, both on and off campus, for students, faculty, and staff to engage culture globally through scholarship and service.

The Andreas Center is located on the campus of Dordt University.

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"Unlike Descartes, who sets himself against his past, these neo-Calvinists, both then and now, seek to keep a foot firmly planted in both terrains, or what Brock and Sutanto call “orthodox” and “modern.”" writes Geoffrey Fulkerson.

Laremy DeVries writes, "Philosophy or theology? These twin sisters have long vied to be crowned 'Queen of the Sciences.'" Read on to explore these ideas more in this book review.

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