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  1. That was great! Thanks for sharing. I wish you would have an addendum that listed possible options for getting involved.

    A couple other points caught my attention. I’m not sure what LGBT rights have to do with anything here. A predator is a predator be they straight or gay. Regardless, it seemed a distracting politicized point.

    More importantly, though, your comment about, “if that was my daughter” got me really curious. After some research, I found that most of these kids don’t have parents. They’re in foster care. Then I had to ask if anti-trafficking was just attempting to alleviate the symptoms – as aweful as they are – rather than address the underlying issue. I found several websites with the claim that if one out of every three churches adopts a child, there would be no children in foster care anymore. That seems like a possible solution to this trafficking problem. Maybe as the anti-trafficking message gets out there, it should be coupled with a pro-adoption message as well.


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