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  1. Thanks Neal. My son is 2 weeks old now, and I’ve been feeling like a real jackass a lot of the time. What you say very much resonates with my experience. I like him a lot and would do anything for him, but I don’t feel the “connection” that everyone seems to expect. Frankly, it sometimes feels like I’m taking care of someone else’s kid, and it seems like they will come pick him up and things will be normal again afterwards. I often have to put on a face to everyone to make it seem like I’m overjoyed and deeply connected all of the time, when I’m not. He’s great, I’m as protective and caring as I can be, and I drop everything for him… but right now, I just feel more connected to my dog than I do to him.

    Hard to say and think these things, and I appreciate the reassurance.

    1. Glad the post helped. I felt very similar when I was in your position, and was glad someone had told me. Keep passing the message on–and hang in there.

  2. Wow. Spot on. I have a 9 week old and as stated by Neal, and other comments, I would do anything for my son but think to myself “would I really miss him if he wasn’t here?”….and I feel like a terrible person for thinking that way. Good to know I’m not alone. I hope I get “that feeling” but for now, I just put on the face that my wife, family, and friends expect….and hope that in time, I can stop pretending.

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