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  1. “Called to Serve,” a collection of essays on serving as elders and deacons (ed. by Rev. Michael Brown) is a great, modern resource. If you’re interested in digging into the reformation itself, Martin Bucer’s “Concerning the True Care of Souls” is a fascinating read.

    The deacons at the Sioux Center URC have been reading “The Deacon’s Handbook” by Gerard Berghoef and Lester De Koster, and it’s one of the few resources I’ve come across that focuses with any great depth on the diaconate. Some of the advice is a little dated, but there is a lot of great, challenging stuff in there.

  2. Thanks for these comments on the lack of elder/deacon equipping. Please check out my book, Not Just a Soup Kitchen, published September 2014. See, also, Tangible by Chris Sicks and Merciful by Randy Nabors.

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