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  1. Thanks, Alexis. Your personal stories fit well with Psalm 80 and certainly help us to look forward, as we wait, for the strength we will have when Jesus comes!

  2. Thank you Alexis for this powerful message! I once heard a pastor preach on “hands” and the point I remember is that if we had to grasp God’s hand we would not be powerful enough to hang on to his hand. But when God grasps our hand, there is no slippage, just like your Dad grabbing Jasper. We pray that God will renew the strength in your Dad’s hands and the rest of his body!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Marion, and for sharing that image of God grasping our hand–I love it! Thank you for the prayers. I wrote this devotional back in October, and praise God, my dad’s strength has improved a lot since then! Our family has much to be thankful for this Christmas.

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