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  1. Thanks, Tom! I appreciate your candor and well-articulated rationale. I, too, plan to vote for McMullin for the reasons you state. I suppose I could appreciate your ideas because I agree with you…

  2. Well said. Our hope (not including our hope in the Lord) lies with Utah or New Mexico. What people here in Iowa (and other swing states) should remember though, is that voting for a third party candidate will not help a third party candidate get elected. In fact, it will likely hurt the chances of a third party candidate getting elected if–in Iowa for example–Trump voters move over to McMullin or Johnson and consequentially, Hillary takes the state. Outside of Arizona and Utah, Trump needs all the swing states he can get to prevent Hillary from reaching 270. Indeed, a vote for Trump in a swing state could actually be a vote for McMullin or Johnson. The tricky part is going to be making sure that such a balance is JUST right in that neither candidate gets over 270.

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