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  1. This is a sad, but powerful challenge to the church. I whole-heartedly agree with her challenge to the church–her son needs to hear sermons that remind us that “following Jesus means being kind to black and brown people.” And then her last sentence: “Church, we need to talk about white supremacy.” Will that happen in your church?

  2. This is such a well-written article. In some ways I want to be able to separate out white supremacy from racism. I want to make the White Supremacists only those who declare themselves as such and march as such. Racism has become the softer, more acceptable version. But I think perhaps we have all become too inoculated to the word racism saying, “Well, I admit I am racist as times, but everybody is.” Then we shrug our shoulders and go on being racist and feeling okay because we have admitted there is a twinge of it in us. This article doesn’t let us get away with that. Good job!

  3. This is a particularly important topic and the thoughts should be ones shared to all. Yes, we need to talk this talk to our children and grandchildren. It has not gotten easier as far as white supremacy goes; it has gotten hard. So we need to speak up and out to all. Thank you for doing this.

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