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  1. Liddell was a minister in the Congregational Church. (Later the Congregational Union of Scotland.) He was not a Presbyterian or a Calvinist; his congregationalist denomination had broken away from a Presbyterian body in the 19th century for doctrinal positions that were deemed incompatible with Calvinism. In more recent times Liddell’s denomination has merged with the United Reformed Church, a contemporary merger of English congregationalists and presbyterians, so today they use a mixed form of church government.

    You are reading too much into the film if you think it is ratifying an antisemitic culture and theology where the God of Abraham and Isaac is somehow a different god to Jews than he is to Christians. If anything, Abrahams’ eventual assimilation to the national church of the British empire aligns him with a particular form of a modern faith that is and is not Christian, Protestant and secular all at once. The real individualist of the film is Liddell, the non-conforming evangelical Scotsman outside both the Kirk and the Church of England, who had no regard for these colonizing institutions and their elites.

  2. This is one of my or should I say my favorite movie. I have seen it numerous times but I haven’t seen it in awhile. I think I will look for it. Thank you for reminding me.

  3. Having just been reminded of the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, has resurfaced fond memories of this my favorite movie. It will have been 100 years since Abrahams and Liddell battled it out in the 1924 games (though not in the same race as mentioned earlier). Being a relatively young runner when it was released – I was struck to the core in so many ways. Having just completed 50 years of running and over 30 years of coaching (and both still counting) I find renewed encouragement both personally and in my track work with middle school athletes. I still coach by example (warm ups, stretches, intervals) and it reaches these young minds & bodies. I continue to give thanks for Abrahams, Liddell, and host of spirited drama recreators. Hope to be able to honor further at the 2024 games.

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