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  1. Thanks Chad for broaching a difficult subject. If not already done so, you should consider leading a sectional at the Heartland Convention with middle school and high school coaches on this topic. Your suggestions for players who wish to talk to the coach are excellent. It seems that there should be more communication between the coach and individual players and not initiated by the player.
    Having parents talk to the coach about playing time is usually not very productive for anyone. Parents see their children in a different light than the coach who works with the athlete for hours while the parent may only see them sitting the bench. “Playing time” has taken up more administrative time than it should. Some of this goes back to the philosophy of what athletics should be in the middle school and high school. Thanks for your leadership in the athletic arena!

  2. I love your article. What can a player/parent do when a coach says he is approachable, but is very condisending and irrational when he holds a meeting with players and parents?

  3. I think there are times a parent needs to initiate contact. What about young players that are scared to speak with their coach or a coach that doesn’t take the time to talk the child when the athlete tries to speak to the coach?

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