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  1. Thank you again for another insightful In All Things. I do hope Colin Kaepernick gets a position on a team but what I am thankful for is his courage to protest in a fine manner. He was so brave and I am thankful for making him such a strong person. Thank you for bringing it up and reminding us of his actions.

  2. Thank you Jemar for your calling to teach all of us about the injustices that we see and feel in our society. What you describe in the incidents of Kaepernick and Smith and Carlos and how it affected their careers I do not debate. However, this could have been prevented if they had used a very different means to prevent their case. Please consider how two people, described below, did and are doing it much differently. Benjamin Watson, a devout Christian and tight end for the New Orleans Saints, has written a book, UNDER OUR SKIN:GETTING FREE FROM THE FEARS AND FRUSTRATIONS THAT DIVIDE US.”-Tyndale Publishing House. This is an outstanding book that everyone should read. The second person is Ruby Bridges, who was the first black child, age 6, to attend an all white school in New Orleans in 1960. She now tells her story to thousands of people and notably children. In an interview with the Kiwanis Magazine she said, “I think I see hope where most people don’t. I honestly know that if we’re going to get past our racial differences, it’s not going to come from we adults. It’s going to come from our kids.” She also believes that it is not really about race or black or white, but it is really about good and evil. “That is why we find people lying in the street dead. …evil doesn’t care if you are white or black.” You are right, Jemar, that Jesus said you will be “persecuted for righteousness sake” and he also told his disciples to “be as wise as servants and as harmless as doves.” Matthew 10. Watson and Bridges are much better mentors to our kids that Kaepernick, Smith, and Carlos. May God use all of these experiences and all of us to combat the evil in our society.

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