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  1. Thank you so much Dennis! As we get older, (or if young) we need to hear these testimonies from saints like you and Gloria!

  2. Dennis,
    I too am going through what you went through. It has been eight years since our accident. I too believe that this was not a plan that God devised. Many people speak to me trying to comfort me by asking “What does God have in mind?” I can’t answer that directly but say that I believe God did not plan for us to have an accident. It happened because there is sin in the world. The God I believe in loves Charlie deeply and feels for us deeply. I trust in that God. That is the God we know from the Bible and from life. I am comforted by my God staying close to us.

  3. Thanks, Dennis, for these wise words. I know it was and is a tough experience for you. We don’t understand, but we do trust. May God’s peace and strength be real to you!

  4. Thanks, Dennis, for this testimony of faith in the darkest of times. As you and Paul state, even in these valleys, we are still loved beyond measure.

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