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  1. Thanks, Renee! From time to time I am amazed at the depth of insight of recent graduates/young adults, and their ability to articulate that insight. This is very much how I felt reading your post. Thanks for taking the time to put these thoughts together, and for the blessing that they will be for people of all ages who know instinctively that we were created to live in community and desire this precious gift. Your reflections are a great reminder that this gift depends more on being a neighbor than waiting for others to be neighborly!

    1. John,

      Thank you so much for reaching out and letting me know your thoughts on the article! I am most encouraged by your words and pray that it continues to speak to people like it did you. It’s tough to remember to live for what is to come when we are so preoccupied by demanding to-do’s, busy schedules, and figuring out who we are made to be. I am grateful that I had professors like you that helped prepare me to step out into the post-college world and tackle unexpected, difficult things – thank YOU!

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