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  1. Well is my soul after reading your message- I have struggled with the ditches and trying to stay on the road – I have friends in both side ditches and I am trying to maintain sanity and friendship during this time – I hear complaints about masks , Covid-19 as a hoax , a blatant disregard for others viewed as fools and my mind circles around and around with no escape and I am holding onto my belief as God – the sovereign over the universe. I find comfort in my beliefs.
    Your writing is a touchstone for today’s Church . I am of Reformed Faith now but grew up in no church but attended a Catholic School for one semester of first grade and a Methodist church sporadically for 1 year and a Baptist for 3 months. When I went to college I faithfully attended a Southern Methodist Church . I married a Hollander and became Reformed.
    Each day I hope and pray that I can navigate the surging waters of this pandemic and survive . I have lost friends because of political views, racial injustice views, Covid-19 views , social injustice views and I have given myself permission to grieve these losses of friends and go forward to do my best . Being in the middle of the road is not easy to maintain .
    I pray for you to have strength , patience and perseverance through this time – not an easy path to be a pastor in these times. Blessings

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