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  1. I was crocheting after church, where I come for solitude and to connect creatively with our Father and I was just wondering what is it about crocheting and knitting that is so satisfying and came upon this heartwarming article about your granny starting you off and what it has come to be with crocheting. I enjoyed this article because it really cause me to go inward and reflect on the real me inside. When I come away from it or finish the project it is so satisfying, its almost like my creative time with my heavenly father. I pray, ask questions and reflect
    Who knew it was so spiritual and grounding for me, it just relieves any anxiety, stress or frustration. I totally understand your feelings about it. Thank you

  2. I learned about prayer shawls about ten years ago & began crocheting them for ladies in our church that were ill. While I crocheted, I also connected with God & asked Him to protect who I was crocheting a shawl for. I prayed for their wellbeing & for the medical staff that would attend those that were in the hospital.

    Now I find myself knitting hats on a round loom for the homeless. Prayers are said for them also & the hats are taken to a shelter where they’ll be given to the homeless when the weather turns cold.

    You see, no one taught me to crochet because I’m left handed & they didn’t know how. Because my grandma crocheted, I wanted to learn so I got a magazine, hook, & some yarn. God gave me this beautiful gift of crochet &I I feel it’s my duty to share it with others.

  3. I myself along with my young daughter are venturing into the New Year creating and fortifying our relationship with our Heavenly Father designing our very own prayer and healing blankets! What a phenomenal topic of inspiration ♥️

  4. I am new to crochet. I found your article when I realized that crocheting somehow made me feel closer to God. I really relate with your sentiments!

  5. I have to be careful where I am crocheting, because I have been known to loose my religion. lol.
    In all seriousness it is a distraction that gives me peace. The only thing better is meditation or prayer. I often ask my ancestors to intercede for me.

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