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  1. Amen. It’s troublesome to me how, more and more, so many people have come to equate being Christian with being politically conservative. It’s been particularly troublesome in this election to see goals like saving America or, even more bothersome, saving the GOP as reasons to support Trump. As if either one of them should, in any way, be our primary goal as Christians. As if either one of them is somehow equivalent to saving the church.

    The church has stood for 100 generations of believers, starting long before the US, the GOP, or the Supreme Court had even begun to be conceived of. By God’s grace (and His grace alone) it will stand for 100 more, whether those entities are still relevant, or whether they’ve become mere footnotes in the annals of history.

  2. Excellent inallthings article and response. I too feel like to be CRC you need to follow one party. I look at the people running not their parties. That makes voting for president easy for me. We should glorify God in our voting too. That means looking out for the “little” people of this world-the poor, the disabled, the minorities, etc.

  3. I whole heartedly agree with the sentiment of your article, but I hope that you are trolling us with your use of bias in your opinion piece footnoting rather than using the actual source data as footnotes.

  4. Some good points in here but please be careful with your praising of Obama’s drop in abortion rates. If you can prove to me that it’s through abstinence then I’ll join in with your praising of his drop in the killing of unborn babies but I would most likely think the cause is due to free birth control. Obama doesn’t come across to me as being one to encourage us to deny our sexual desires: sex before marriage, sex outside of marriage, or homosexual sex. We know our country is in a moral decline. “If it feels – good do it”. “If you want it – have it”. And for those who are thinking “well sex before marriage is better than abortion right?”, wrong, a sin is a sin. We shouldn’t be in favor of protected sex outside of marriage OR abortion which is why I think you should be careful in promoting Obama’s drop in abortion rate. The message you send to the Democratic Christians is a little misleading with that statement.

    Thankful we know the true King and we leave our trust and confidence in Him to work out His plan. Thankful for your work at Dordt College in helping to shape the minds of our future. Keeping you and the rest of the Dordt College community in prayer, as well as our nation.

  5. Actually, abortion rates were dropping long before Obama was elected president, and it would be deceptive to say those statistics show those presidents caused that as it is to claim that Obama’s policies caused the decline that occurred during his time in office.

    Both parties — and their supporters — tend to abuse statistical reality, especially during election times.

    As to “equat[ing] being Christian with being politically conservative,” I would suggest the converse is also true. For example, the CRC’s Office of Social Justice, and most “political offices” of most mainline protestant denominations equate “being Christian” with being politically liberal.

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