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  1. Thanks for this post! It is true that “God is not threatened” by the discoveries of science and our view of God will only grow bigger if we allow scientists to continue to discover/unfold the excellencies of their field. All truth is God’s truth and I’ve found in my teaching experience that those who hold to a sort of young earth creationism, are often the ones who feel “threatened” because their view of God is too small.

  2. Born Hindu, Baptised Pentecostal, Romanticised Islam for some time, Agnostic – Now a full-blown (or fully bloomed) Athiest,
    Since childhood the concept of god always fascinated me, amazed me, “how would it be if God was on my side”? I yearned, yearned, searched, searched (still searching, that is why I am here)

    After many years I am finding someone (Roger) “sensible” (though I do not agree) . I am glad Roger is at peace and I will take some cues, though I will never change my position from being an Athiest (10 years). I am glad Roger does not speak about “personal experience” if in the rare chance of 0.000000001% I am wrong and god really exists, I am sure he won’t care whether you brought that 3 bedroom apartment after “asking” him. Nor he is concerned about your boyfriends’ drinking habits.

    My friends think I am a militant atheist , but they do not understand that I consider them to be an “insult” to the grandeur of the god concept and all my rant is only about the “tyrannical biblical god” and I still respect thie’r choice but wan them to accept not because it is true but because they “like it” . In the end, there is no reason to believe in God A and disbelieve in God B

    God, Religion, science, way of life all are confused by the “literalists”. Roger, what do you say about the snake-wielding pentecost’s? I am sure you won’t go to the church even if your car gets a flat in front of the church. Who knows? ..ask them for a wheel spanner, and lo! they give you a rattlesnake (and call it an “impact wrench” eh?)

    Like to hear more from you. Please write about the purpose of life, gods plan in connection to space, time Please

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