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  1. As I mentioned in the article, the physical education teacher at NCA – Nejapa wanted me to get a better wheelchair for David so he could participate in PE class. I brought him the only other chair we had at Tesoros that would fit David. It wasn’t great, but it was better. Unfortunately, it really wasn’t in good enough shape to do what the teacher was hoping for. So, this week, when I was at NCA-N, I saw the PE teacher coming to talk to me and I was thinking, “I really don’t have any more options.” However, he wasn’t coming to ask me to get David a better wheelchair. He was coming to tell me that the family of another student had donated a wheelchair for David. It isn’t new, but it is in really good shape and will allow David to actively participate in the PE Class. Praise God!

      1. I received an email from Hope Haven today asking about our need for wheelchairs. God’s community of believers is wonderful!

  2. Kathleen, I am so pleased that you received an email from Hope Haven! This is wonderful news for the children of Nicaragua. Great work, Hope Haven! Thank you for all you are doing for the children and teachers of Nicaragua.

  3. Kathleen, I am extremely interested in speaking with you about the work you are currently doing in Nicaragua. I just visited Tesoros de Dios in March with Jim Wilson, the founder of Bradley’s House of Hope (which is now Tesoros). I am so amazed that I happened upon your blog this evening, as I had just spoken to Jim earlier this afternoon about my intent to return to Nicaragua at the end of this summer.

    I am an undergraduate student at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio. I am also the father of a blended family of 8 kids, ( I had 4, she had 3, we have one together), two of whom have autism. I have also traveled to Guatemala in the past, and I have a sincere interest, and intent, to create/enhance an organization in Nicaragua in regards to children with disabilities. I have a few ideas based on my travels in Central America so far, and I am looking for opportunities to expand my experiences and to learn more in partnership with an individual or an organization that has shared interest in creating opportunities for equality for those with disabilities in Nicaragua.

    I would love to have the opportunity to speak with you regarding some of the work in which you are currently involved. I am also looking at returning again in the next year, possibly as an intern if I can find an opportunity, as I conduct research for my intent to create an organization, as well as to complete my Senior Capstone research.

    Please let me know if there would be an opportunity for us to speak about some of my ideas. Ideally, I would love to meet you and see some of your successes first hand during my trip.

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