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  1. I came across this at 2am. I started thinking about how is God with me? What does that mean? It sounds nice, but its not real. I come to the conclusion that if this is true, that is no different than useless. What is the purpose if he does nothing. When was the last time God really did anything for anyone? This is not to say Im mad at him. Im just saying he does nothing in our lives. And thats not necesarily a bad thing. Good things and bad things happen to everyone, thats the mechanics of life. To say God has done something for me, I seriously doubt it. What he has done is died for our sins. What else can we ask for? Hes given us tools according to our talents. Hes given us his word. The rest its up to us. Nothing more. He wont heal or save of from harm. He wont bless us with jobs or money. He wont give you a wife or husband or children. He had no hand in creating you. He only made Adam and Eve. He wont do miracles… and thats ok. The rest is sort of “projectile motion mechanics”. Where given some data, an engineer can predict the landing of a particle. God can do that with much better precision in more complex particles and see far into the future. For the rest of us, we live one day at a time. Im a realist and this is how God works. Those who pretend that God has a hand in everything we do are not really trusting in him. Those are weak believers. If I can be proven wrong, that would be great. It wont make me love him more. I already love God in my hard reality. Anything else, is just a bonus. God bless.

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