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  1. How about the Dordt Student Body President running for the President of the United States of America in the future?

  2. I appreciate your boldness and call to action. We need more people like you, Steve. Keep up your promotion of involvement! Harlan Vander Griend, Co-chair of the Republican Party of O’Brien County

  3. Interesting article. A couple questions came to mind while reading it. How do you reconcile Christians involvement in politics with Jesus’ insistence that His Kingdom was not an earthly kingdom? I realize the Reformational philosophy of bringing every aspect of our lives under Christ’s Lordship is central to our beliefs, but I can’t help but feel there is serious tension there. This involvement in politics then could also lead to another predicament of one party feeling that they and their ideology are bringing about God’s will on earth, so the other party by default is hindering that divine advancement. I feel that Christians in either party often feel this way. Then, in a very visceral way, the Body of Christ is divided. Because of these issues, I’m not 100% sold on the necessity of Christian involvement in politics, but I’d love to hear how you resolve them.

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