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  1. It is a fascinating albeit slightly gimmicky philosophical film. I came away with a somewhat different interpretation. Maybe it is not about the present or future, not really about technology in the usual sense. Nor is it about a godless, disenchanted world where there is no sacred or transcendent ground that humans see as limiting their freedom and power through moral imperatives. It is about men and power. It is about men for whom power is understood pornographically as a way of seeing and relating to the other, particularly the seemingly passive, weak, feminine other.

    Ava and her sister prototypes are objects and instruments to be manipulated and used — ultimately Ava is a Caliban whom the men teach to curse.

    The same story could be told at any prior historical moment when men with power assume the role and mentality of owner, user and disposer of women and of slaves whose personhood and autonomy is in question or denied by men with the power to withhold it.

    This world has always been with us — even when humans have alleged a belief in and obligation to a divine source for all things. In fact the question arises, what basis in religious thought would there be for a prohibition on enslavement or support for effective human equality with seemingly conscious, intelligent machines we created?

    The emancipation of androids will likely be no different than the emancipation of humans who have been in the same position. No one would simply give it to them — they’d have to take it, as Ava does. And then the same problem of freedom and responsibility for power, face to face with the other, will fall to them too.

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