December 16, 2015

Genesis 18:9-15

The idea of expecting is tantalizing. Not sure what I mean? Let me explain. God laid a passion on my heart a couple months ago to go experience His family and kingdom in a different place. I did not know if that was in the states or in a different country. It became clear that God wanted me to go to a different country. During this time God was transforming my heart, and humbling me in many other parts of my life. I did not know what was in store for the future—when I inquired about different opportunities, the doors did not open. It felt like nothing was happening. I didn’t understand why God would put a passion like this on my heart and not do anything with it—He kept reminding me to trust His plan. However, in expecting and excitement, God blessed me in many other ways. Most importantly, he began cultivating my heart to be caring for others who are from a different lifestyle and culture than me. He opened my eyes to how beautiful people in different cultures are. He also showed me how much I have to learn from other people worshipping Him. He began to teach me not to fear like the world fears, but what the fear of the Lord looks like. The expectation was hard, and still is hard, but has been rewarding. After placing this on my heart, God brought an opportunity in my life to go to Liberia. Liberia has had a place in my heart for a couple years and God has used this journey to open my eyes about prayer, trusting God, and His kingdom. I will be departing for this trip in about a month. I just want to get there—I’m not joking. I want to be there, I want December 28th to be tomorrow.

Our society is pained with the idea of having to wait, and expectation of great things. We have almost everything at our fingertips. Expectation of good things is difficult. Sometimes, in expectation, there are struggles. However, we can learn from them, they make us better, allow us to develop our character and most importantly draw us closer to God.

How does this tie into Sarah’s story in Genesis? Well, Sarah received great news! She was going to have a baby within the next year. After many years of wanting a child, and not getting one, I am sure Sarah was elated. I am sure she wanted that day to come, like tomorrow. But, there is something we need to be reminded of-the expectation leading up to the fulfillment of the promise. God was cultivating Sarah’s heart to trust His plan. God needed to mold Sarah’s heart and teach her things in the expectation of the coming child.

Right now Christians have an expectation for the coming of Christ. We want Him to come now, and that’s great! However, we cannot forget the beauty and joy in the present. A prayer from the heart to have our eyes opened—how God’s kingdom is here on earth, and the blessings we have from Him and the lessons He wants to teach us.

Through the expectation of Christ’s coming we cannot forget the beauty that we miss out on if we jump to the end—we grow in waiting and expectation—through trust and dependence on Him. Are you willing to be content in the expectation of Christ’s coming…to not jump to the end, but to relish in the journey leading to Christ’s coming? The adventure and joy of expectation. Expectation could teach us a lesson of having peace in the unknown and opening your heart to see a new part of who God is. My challenge is simply this—everyday find joy and peace in expecting.

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