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  1. Laremy, thank you for such rich words (and coffee!) to start the day. You do much to help us reconnect to our land, community, and God. You’re a blessing to this community.

  2. Laramy, I have always wondered why Christians have not been more concerned about the environment since in Genesis, God asked Adam to be a steward of the garden. Thanks for sharing the link to Wendell Barry’s essay. I see the whole earth as His garden. I live five minutes from Letchworth State Park and it is known as the Grand Canyon on the East. Every time I go there, I never fail to gain insights from Him. I hear his voice in the mighty rolling waters. I want these to be clean and free of pollution.

  3. That was a work of word art: can I print it for our church news letter as we enter into the spring season? I won’t be gardening this year, but you reminded me of why I plant a garden: I look for good seed (not gmo) and I don’t use pesticides, I love the results of hard labor, hate waste, and use all the organic waste to “feed the soil” in the garden. Gardening is hard work, but I love it, I enjoy it, and it’s one place where I can see the fruits of my labor: sometimes difficult to assess or realize as a “cultivator of souls”.
    Pastor Ken

  4. Feel free to use it or print it however you want, Ken, though perhaps the iAt and aff has something to say about that.

    And its interesting that you bring up gardening. I so often consider the Fruited Plain to be a field and I a farmer (no pun intended there). So much of my work reminds me of my father’s growing up on a farm.

  5. Lar, So good! I can hear it said/read in your voice over a coffee/beer. I am proud/glad for the work that you have found for yourself and can’t wait to visit and patronize the Fruited Plain some day and sip that latte or glass of wine with you and taste and see the goodness of the Lord. Cheers! Andrew

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