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  1. Hey Ben, we met at a conference at Fuller a year ago. Thanks for this great insight and book recommendation. I was having a very similar conversation with a student I mentor at Chico State yesterday. (So different than a Christian college context.) He is studying Revelation on his own and I was cautioning him against the formation or support of doctrine from particular texts that require so much contextualization, and encouraging him instead to read judgment texts in line with how judgment operates throughout scripture. In any case, your line here gave me some good fodder to continue the conversation with him:

    “our readings of the Bible ought primarily to be about the formation of Christian imaginations that can obediently respond to moral and existential challenges in our current moment and context.”

    This is something I have reflected on significantly after diving deep into Dallas Willard after an Mdiv at SFTS heavy in “non-theological” biblical studies. I will keep working in this direction in my own ministry. Thanks for the prompt! Andrew

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