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  1. Aaron, Those are unique thoughts on the family. I agree with all of them. I believe we see family differently when we diverge from the accepted model of the typical family. My family is quite a bit different from the accepted model and I want each of the children to grow in the grace of our Lord and not be captive of the dominant cultural values that often see “like us” as being acceptable. I love the world and the diversity in it and I want to praise God for creating it that way and might have an idea for family that deviates a bit from the dominant cultures view and is more Biblical.

  2. Thanks for this, Aaron. Seeing anything created as of absolute value, even the very best of creation, is to demean God.

    Just before I read this post, I was reading a blog post by Stephen Freeman, an ex-Anglican now Orthodox priest, who sees secularism as the great idol of our age. As we exalt anything, even things that seem good to or for us, we’re losing sight of God.

    The post is one of a series he’s written over the past 15 years, drawing out his thoughts on the need for what he calls a one-storey worldview, so this latest one might not make much sense taken in isolation (, but I’ve come to appreciate what he says, which seems to have parallels that cohere with a Reformed worldview.

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