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  1. As the NFL season got started, I was surprised to see all the slick new fantasy football websites being advertised. They seem to have a slight gambling oriented focus on money, as do a lot of office-based leagues. I would say that and the lack of discipline that results in obsessive, addiction behavior is the problem with things like fantasy sports whether they’re online or not. Online is not necessarily anonymous and impersonal, and offline can be. Playing with people you like and know fairly well is great — if they all know how to keep it in balance. But we all know those friends who are overcompetitive, prone to trash talk that goes too far, or maybe they’re just comfortable with a level of intensity that makes others feel stress and anxiety.

    My personal experience with fantasy leagues was brief. Like financial markets and geopolitical analysis it is fascinating and addictive at first. It can teach you a lot about a game. But ultimately you come to a point where you feel the addiction pulling. If you make a detached judgment about value — that there really is none for you or anyone — versus the costs, then it looks like a boring ripoff. Even people who get deep into the analysis of markets and politics as a career can lose themselves in it, but at least they’re being compensated for contributing something of value to reality rather than a simulation. I have a hard time making sports a sustained object of attention and intellectual-emotional energy. Especially the NFL. What a corrupt factory of idols it is! I can’t justify sending any money their way. Watching the occasional game is enough.

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