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    1. Erin, I remember well that when we first came to your “small church” that you were a newly “broken” family. We loved you, cared about you and still do! It was a blessing that your mom and step-Dad “found” each other in God’s own time and God’s own way! It was special that my hubby could “marry them” and to hear their vows to each other and to the children involved!
      Thanks for writing this article. Many people need the stability that you have, keep praying!!! God is in control, and only He can make “make all things new”. love from us!!!

  1. Erin, This is such a good article and a really enjoyed reading it. It makes me feel so bad, however, that all this time you have felt you were from a dysfunctional home. I agree that most of us come from some sort of dysfunctional background maybe varying degrees. There was so much brokenness and pain twenty-five years ago within your family, it is amazing how things have turned out. God’s grace and goodness have been very evident. Thank you for putting your thoughts into words!!

  2. Thank you so much for this reassuring and comforting article! I wanted to say “preach it sista!” My daughter is divorced with two young children, and is muddling through this “abnormal” family stigma and reality. I find that we are too, as her parents and grandparents. You have reminded me of God’s beautiful tragic plan for all of us, and how He makes beautiful things from ashes. In His grip….

  3. i loved your blog. I married my husband 26 years ago now. He was divorced about 8 years prior to our meeting. My husband died unexpectantly only months before we met. I thank God for the gift he has given me and my 3 children in Ron. He has been a blessing to us. Our children were all grown but one. He was 7 when his Dad died. Ron has raised him as his own and treats my girls he same. We have been given another chance at life and God is the center of each day.

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