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  1. I too believe black is beautiful. May the Lord protect you and your family and every other person of color in our country.

  2. I am so so sorry about this. My husband and are also very troubled about this attitude. We fail to understand how this is ok. On one level, I feel America has made an idol of its guns. So many innocent lives taken. But even if that aspect was removed, it still points to sad reality that we have not made many gains in treating all people with dignity regardless of color or religion. This is a matter of prayer for me. I hope it is for many others.

  3. Thank you for writing and posting. Something is clearly wrong in our society and it won’t be fixed by denying the problem exists. At the same time, it won’t be solved by preaching to the choir while condemning everyone not in the choir with buzzwords like “racist” and “white privilege.” (I’m not saying you’re doing that here, but it’s a lazy, self-righteous approach favored by many.) Maybe an honest conversation starts with talking about who’s in the choir and who’s not, why and why not. And discovering what we have in common. Another idea: figuring out what things in culture are divine norms and what are just human traditions. Finally: getting outside of our own comfortable social circles and meeting people different than ourselves–whether they be African Americans or Irish Americans, Muslims or Catholics, “rednecks” or intellectuals, evangelicals or atheists, Sanders progressives or Trump supporters. We’re too insular and political correctness exacerbates the problem by shutting down freedom of expression.

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