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  1. Professor Roth seeks to delineate some of the “spirits” we need rid ourselves of as Donald Trump’s presidency comes to a close. Yes, the “cult of personality” built on “winning” and “fame” is an insidious, and, finally, destructive force. But, I am not as certain as Roth is that “an overwhelming majority” of Republicans or Democrats recognize this. Nor do I believe that as Roth says, “many, if not most [Republicans] are ready to banish Trumpism from the American landscape.” I hope he is correct.
    One destructive aspect of the last four years that Roth fails to mention is the perpetual mendacity that was, along with his megalomania, Trump’s distinguishing characteristic. His capacity for spinning falsehoods was absolutely stunning and yet went uncensored, unchallenged or (at the very least) was blindly accepted by most of his followers. Politicians have always stretched the truth, but the blatant lying of Donald Trump was like nothing I have ever heard. One hopes it will never again become an acceptable political strategy.

  2. Donald,
    One more thing I meant to say was that I appreciated very much your concern in the last paragraphs that we quash individualism and view ourselves as a “people.” This certainly is a Christian principle and should be a principle of our national citizenship as well.

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