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  1. Leah, thanks for these reflections! Your study of Bible translations reminds me of an assignment I did for the History of the English Language course I took with Bob De Smith 15 years ago (I wonder if he’s still teaching it…). Your reminder to “behold” is a worthwhile one–even more so when realizing the etymology of “be-” + “hold.” Based on a quick scan of the OED online: “hold” has the sense not primarily of looking but rather of keeping watch over, like a shepherd or as in the marriage vow “to have and to hold”, and the prefix “be-” intensifies, with the sense of thoroughly and soundly, almost to excess. This meaning fits very well with the John 19 passage you’ve highlighted. Could we say, too, that “Behold, the Lamb of God” is not just a call to pay attention but rather a call to discipleship, to a relationship of caring about and working alongside the Lamb?

    1. Recently in a sermon I heard that we become changed by what we behold. This caused me to want to know how many times the Bible says, “behold”. Now if it has been greatly decreased in newer translations what are the words used in its place and do they increase our understanding? What about repetition of a particular word? Doesn’t that say, “Behold!”?

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