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  1. Nice article, Took up running a year ago… it has been a wonderful metaphor for and experience of personal and spiritual growth

  2. Like the thoughts and love the feelings expressed. I’ve been a runner for most of the last 55 years. Some find that admirable discipline. My joking response is that by now it is just inescapable addiction!

    1. Thanks, Syl! Glad you liked it and great to hear from you. I think you are right about the inescapable addition part. A relatively healthy addiction, at least. 🙂

  3. Hi Sonya! You may or may not remember……I ran with you on the Dordt Track team many years ago. I was a sprinter, 400 meters and under. I thought long distance runners were crazy. In my mind, the finish line should be in sight at the start of any race. Finish times measured in seconds, not minutes or hours! Many years later after having children, I tackled my first 5K and kept going until I completed a couple marathons. I’m not fast, but a happy finisher! I can relate to the thoughts in your article. Running is good for my soul. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Diane. Of course I remember you!! 🙂 Good to hear from you. I’m glad you’re still running. Isn’t it funny how getting older can change your perspective on things? Until I was about 35, I didn’t really think seriously about a marathon. My longest run up until that point was 10 miles, and that was back in college. But a couple of friends here convinced me that long running is more of a mindset — if you decide to do it, you can do it. So the accountability — and fun — of meeting running buddies for long runs and the gradual process of becoming a morning person slowly led me to feel confident that I could do it, too. I’m glad you’ve found the same kind of enjoyment.

      1. Hello again! Funny that my family bumped into you….at a race! You are still very fast, lady! By the way, we live in Colorado Springs. I can recommend a really great Labor Day half/full marathon here if you want to give higher altitudes a try! Happy trotting.

        1. I know, how crazy was that that I saw DJ in Rock Valley last weekend!? That was a tough race with the sun, heat, and humidity. Would love for you to email me more about the Labor Day race, although it won’t be in the cards this year. Altitude is as hard as (harder than?) heat for me! I’ll have to plan ahead for it. You can reach me at sonyajk at gmail with more info. Thanks!

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