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  1. Hello! I came across your review for a project I am developing for a sociology class I am in. I was intrigued by your review and how you broke down a lot of information which is good; however, you might want to check over the information you get next time you want to write a review. I am saying this because you have mistaken the information about the Kim and Park families. The Kims are the poor family, and the Parks are the wealthy family. I do not know if there have been others who have caught this mistake, but I just wanted to point it out in case you were not yet aware.

  2. I agree fully with your review. Parasite is a very good above average, but not great movie. Numerous cliched plot elements and holes that we’ve all seen in the past caused me to say, “really?… ” to myself over and over as I watched it. This all takes away from exceptional cinematography, screenplay and editing, rendering this film to the level of merely very good. I highly recommend this film, but don’t see it as worthy of the level of praise it’s received.

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