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  1. God is present at all times in all places. It is simply we who are unaware. Silence, open space, and darkness help clear the mind so it can be still and KNOW. We should not seek God as a special experience, like a lost thing to find or an event that will only be special if we do the right things. (A good way that is to spoil any kind of “special event.”) Just as we are part of “nature” and always within it, we do not experience this continuously because we are so alienated from Creation and more so from God.

    1. Jean M., I agree that we are the ones who are unaware. But, I don’t think we become aware by refusing to look. I think about Matthew 6, and Jesus’ words to “seek first the kingdom of God.”

  2. This is an excellent article. I especially like the part where you say you ask questions in your sermons. It’s so wearying to hear sermons that are 3 steps to this and 7 ways to do that as if life and faith really is that easy, and then, when it doesn’t work exactly like the pastor said, people feel like failures in their faith.

    1. Thank you so much, Kelly! It’s hard, and there’s a line to walk. If I’m not sure of anything at all, I can’t be a very good teacher. But, if I’m sure of everything, I’m not a very good student. We’re always students as we follow Jesus, and things aren’t always “three-step” neat and tidy.

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