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  1. Thanks for sharing Todd and I resonate strongly with your article (being a father of 3 young girls myself). It has seemed for me that each stage of life brings questions from others about the next stage that I might encounter (“small talk” as I’m sure you’ve experienced). In sequence, people would ask me when I was going to get married, then when was I going to buy a house, then children (for me, have a “boy”), then grandchild (I’m grateful no one has asked me this question yet…I’m not sure how I would respond, but I’m prepared it’s coming). Just yesterday, I was teaching one of my daughters how to throw a football properly. The look on her face as she passed me a perfect spiral out of her tiny hands was euphoric. Much the same way that I experience that feeling when she draws a beautiful painting or completes a tasty recipe with mom. As I have gotten the opportunity to mentor my daughters and influence women through coaching a college sport, I am so blessed, as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts/experiences Todd! And may we each be cognizant of the “next step” type questions we ask of others, lest we encourage them to miss out on the “current step” where God has them.

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