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  1. Thank you for something well-thought and well-spoken. Thank you for calling our attention to what we can do right here and right now. I want to piggy back on the second to last paragraph: We are in a time of upheaval; what better time to act as a follower of Jesus and make a difference.

  2. Thanks, Nicole. It’s hard for us to understand the trials of people until we actually experience them. Thanks for helping me to better understand what these experiences are like for you and your family. I hope this vicarious experience will help me listen, speak up, and stand in the gap for people who are different from me in various ways. I know that is what Jesus wants me to do as His child.

  3. Nicole,
    Thank you for your message. I too feel a spirit of unrest. I have an adopted child who is half black and he has four children. My youngest son, not adopted, has adopted four children from Africa, three from Ethiopia and one from Uganda. That makes eight grandchildren who are all or partially African American. I pray each day for each of them and also my other eight white grandchildren to be changers in a society that needs change. I have some fear but also some hope that they will bring the message that Christ taught us. Pray for that to happen.

  4. Thank you, Nicole. Finally someone willing and able to tell the truth in a helpful way. I hope your words will spark an inferno of compassion, confession, listening and encouraging for all parts of our body.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to respond, Vicki. The first few versions of this article were a bit more heated… 😉 But I don’t want to lose my audience. We must learn to speak civilly and respectfully to one another. And reclaim the lost art of really, truly listening. I believe it’s the only way we’ll begin to heal the brokenness in our world.

  5. Thank you for this courageous and practical article. I will share it with a few friends who are mothers in multiracial families. there are a great many of us who will stand up and make this country a safe and thriving place for your children to grow up in.

    1. Andrew, thank you! I really need to hear this right now–that there are people who are willing to put themselves at risk (emotional, interpersonal, etc.) for people who are marginalized and/or afraid. It doesn’t take much. A simple “I hear you,” “I see you,” “I am for you,” is incredibly powerful.

  6. What a wonderful testament, spoken with love and conviction. May we all have the courage to change the things we cannot accept. Thank you for using your voice!

  7. My heart hurts for you Nicole. I will stand in the gap. You are so right it starts with each of us. This issue will not be solved by legislation but by people speaking out and naming it as not acceptable. People are people know matter what color, age, weight, race etc. Our souls have no color and are hearts beat the same. I am rambling but it is hard to put into words what my heart feels.

    1. You’re not rambling at all, Faye. I think so many of us feel this way–tongue-tied and convicted and ready to DO something. Thank you for your openness and your willingness to stand in the gap. The world needs people like you!

  8. Oh Nicole, I love and appreciate your words. I’m one of the friends Andrew Hoeksema mentioned above, and I’d love to chat with you further, perhaps in the new year. My manuscript, about my journey into issues of race, will be shopped around next month, and I’ve off and on been doing interviews with people I think might have something to add to the story. Let me know if this is something you might be interested in, or if nothing else, let’s connect in general!

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