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  1. Who pays for this? Who is the steward?

    The State, the largest political state in world history. Not exactly a charitable organization. And how does the State get its money? By creating it out of thin air, or by forcing people to pay it.

    So the State uses the threat of violence to force everyone to take care of refugees. That is not charity; it is power and dominance.

    1. This piece is a call to radical hospitality, the hospitality the Bible shows us. I suppose she could have written a similar piece on what would have happened in Abraham questioned how much would it cost him financially to welcome those strangers that night. I believe the answer would be the same.

  2. A thoughtful, eloquent statement on how we, as followers of Christ, can think about this important issue. Thank you Kate!

  3. The confusion as I see it is that the government does not have the same role as the church does. It is the church’s role to take care of hurt people like this and to be the hands and feet of Christ, however, the government’s primary job is to protect it’s citizen’s.

    1. We cannot resettle refugees without the help of the government. We cannot welcome immigrants without the help of the government. Our call of welcoming is threatened when the government takes that away from us.

    2. I don’t believe any Christians would say it is the role of churches and churches alone to receive and settle refugees, least of all those who emphasize the need to screen each refugee to root out those deemed dangerous or otherwise undesirable. There is a necessary partnership with government whose role is not just to protect citizens but their common good. Caring and protecting are very overlapping concerns.

      Who pays for it? We all do. Yes, partly through taxes. If you take the extreme Austrian and American Libertarian view that taxation is theft at gunpoint and the state is a criminal, well that is just not what we see in Christian thought from the Bible and wise traditions.

  4. God expects us to be vigilant, wise as serpents. Abraham’s situation does not parallel what we are facing in the world today. I am grateful President Trump is protecting my family from harm as much as possible. It is called being cautious.

  5. I know Jesus is no longer on this earth but we who claim to be his followers are. If you could ask him what your response to
    Trumps actions should be, what do you think he would say or do? I could quote scripture for a long time which makes its very clear what He would do. Let’s read it more diligently and more often and then PRAY that we exercise the love and faithfulness He requires of us throughout His Word.

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