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  1. You state in the first paragraph that there are only two choices for president, when in fact in the state of Iowa there are many choices:
    Donald Trump/Mike Pence (Republican)
    Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine (Democratic)
    Darrell Lane Castle/Scott Bradley (Constitution)
    Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka (Green)
    Dan R. Vacek/Mark G. Elworth Jr. (Legal Marijuana Now)
    Gary Johnson/Bill Weld (Libertarian)
    Lynn Sandra Kahn/Jay Stolba (New Independent Party)
    Gloria Estela La Riva/Dennis J. Banks (Socialism and Liberation)
    Rocky De La Fuente/Michael Alan Steinberg (Independent)
    Evan McMullin/Nathan Johnson (Independent)
    While I agree that most likely one of the first two names on the list will become president, to say that those are the only two choices is to further an agenda that perpetuates the so-called two-party system. If one is unhappy with the choices the two largest parties have provided, they should be free to vote for another candidate of their choice that they deem better fit for the office of the president.

    1. You’re right Tom. I decided to focus just on the two choices that have a chance of winning. It’ll be interesting to see how many votes all the other candidates will receive.


      1. While it’s a long shot, for sure, there is a viable path to the White House for Johnson & Weld. If too many people reject that notion, then it becomes self-fulfilling. In other words, the only reason that 3rd party candidates can’t win is because people believe that they can’t win.

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