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  1. While When Peace Like a River is an all too familiar hymn to me as I have sung it at many funerals ; that said it is one of the most calming hymns at a time of great grief and distress. In between I find this hymn to be a comfort because of its message and the background of when and why this hymn was composed. In today’s world of chaos and conflict , I find myself looking for peace.
    My sympathy to you in the loss of your brother-in-law – such a loss at the peak of his life for him and all his family members.

  2. Erin,
    Your piece is touching to me as I lost my husband recently. He lost his way of life nine years ago as a result of an car accident. He and I lost his quick wit and thorough knowledge of the world and the Bible. It is quite a loss even though Charlie was older than your brother in law. I will think about the four daughters lost to the hymn writer whenever I hear this hymn. Peace to you.

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