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  1. Mark,
    I am sorry to have to admit my agreement with your criticism of the CRC on racial matters. I have been a CRC member since 1967 and while that church in Connecticut helped me shape my view on racism it has hardly changed many other people in the churches. It is high time people speak out and correct this prevalent injustice in our church and in our nation. Our Lord is waiting for this.

  2. Our Sheboygan based book club is reading this book by Michael Emerson. Hopefully we will be convicted of inconsistencies in our words and efforts as local CRC bodies. This area is changing ethnically and I hope our area members can make ourselves “uncomfortable” to make other ethnicities “comfortable”.

  3. I am a POC in a CRC and have been struggling with being the only one in my congregation for years, many times I have prayed to be released of membership and find a more racially inclusive church but it has not been the Lords will, instead I am learning how deeply the racial divide really is and spending more and more time in prayer for this denomination because there is so much good here barring this issue.

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