Podcast: WONDERING – Feature Conversation: Elizabeth Hall

September 22, 2021
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On this episode of the podcast, we talk with psychologist and researcher Elizabeth Hall about the psychology of doubt. This episode is in response to Dr. Hall’s article, “Teaching Students to Doubt Well: The Roles of Intellectual Humility and Uncertainty Tolerance” (published in spring 2021 issue of Christian Scholar’s Review). My co-host for this episode is Dr. Channon Visscher, professor of chemistry and planetary science at Dordt. Some topics we discuss:

  • What do we gain from paying attention to the psychological dimensions of doubt?
  • How can we think of faith and doubt in a way that takes rational, intuitive, and relational knowing into account?
  • What is “intellectual humility” and “uncertainty tolerance,” and how do we develop these traits?
  • What are some strategies and practices for helping people “doubt well”?


About the Authors
  • Justin Ariel Bailey works at the intersection of Christian theology, culture, and ministry. Having served as a pastor in a number of diverse settings, his research seeks to bridge gaps between church and academy, and the formational spaces where they overlap. He is the author of the book Reimagining Apologetics (IVP Academic, 2020) and the forthcoming volume Interpreting Your World (Baker Academic, 2022). He serves as associate professor of Theology at Dordt University and is the host of the In All Things podcast. 

  • Channon is a professor of Chemistry and Planetary Sciences at Dordt University and currently serves as director of the Andreas Center.

  • Dr. Elizabeth Lewis Hall is a professor of psychology at Biola University. Her research interests include women and work, mothering, sexism, embodiment and meaning-making in suffering. In all these areas, she strives to bring together psychological research and theological insights. She is also the co-author of recent book, Relational Spirituality.

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