Remember That Time

June 19, 2017

Growing up in Sunday school, I was always fascinated by the stories in the Bible. From Moses and the burning bush to Mary Magdalene washing Jesus’ feet, this love of Biblical stories has stuck with me.

As I lead worship, one of my values and understandings of what worship means is to tell God’s story back to Him. We sing and declare praises of who God is and what He has done. Christ is the only one who has kept covenant and Torah perfectly; no other man has been able to live like Him. Time and time again, God stayed faithful to what He has promised.

Psalm 105:2 says “Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.” I think this act of telling is two-fold; verse one calls for us to “make known among the nations what he has done,” but I also think story-telling is steeped deeply into our relationship with the Lord.

How often does it occur in your relationships where you reminisce on “the good ole days”? Frequently my stories with dear friends begin with one of us saying “Hey – remember that time when . . .” We laugh and sometimes cry over stories of things that have happened to us. Sometimes we tell the same stories each time we spend time together, but it doesn’t matter; each time we feel just as deeply if not even more than we did the first time we told the story. We are able to look back and see how life has changed as well as stayed the same since the story took place. Perhaps worship is the same way. Perhaps in our worship we ask God “remember that time?”

Remember when You split the sea?

Remember when You pursued Jonah even when he ran away?

Remember when You kept Esther safe?

Remember when Your teenage virgin mother gave birth to you in a stable?

Remember when You washed your disciples’ feet even though they’d betray You?

Remember when we crucified You, but You rose again three days later?

It’s not as if He has forgotten who He is and what He’s done, but when we retell these stories in our worship, we are reminded just how deep His love goes. We tell God’s story back to Him, and He tells our identity back to us.

Today as You encounter the Lord, take a moment to ask “Remember that time?” to Him. Recall the stories you’ve read, what you’ve experienced in your own story, and continue to watch His promises remain true.

“As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you. Be strong and courageous.” – Joshua 1:5

About the Author
  • Marta Vander Top recently graduated from Dordt with a degree in worship arts and theology. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Divinity at Western Theological Seminary. What makes her most excited is helping people see that their story matters because it fits within the larger story of God's redemption. She loves baking, practicing ukulele, and strong coffee.

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