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    1. Thanks Brandon! I’m hoping some people who are more familiar than I am with new stuff in the theology of play will give us some recommendations on what to read in that field. What say you, theologians of play? What should we be reading?

      1. Thanks for this article. A great read. I can relate to that philosophy book opening up the world in new ways! I just finished Barbara Brown Taylor’s book “Learning to walk in the dark” where she talks about how rest between mornings and evenings used to be dictated by the sun. Longer periods of rest allow more of that half-asleep state where lucid dreaming is possible. Perhaps this is why the prophetic imagination is rarely seen in the modern world. She includes a theology of rest and a theology of play in the dark if you are interested.

        1. Thanks Mason. I’ll be sure to check that out. And thanks for starting the recommendations on a theology of play. Here’s hoping they keep coming in…

        2. Is prophecy associated with lucid dreaming? I’ve never come across that connection, but it makes sense. Lucid dreaming has always been a pretty common experience for me — often in connection with disturbed short sleep periods actually. It does often seem to produce personal, mostly introspective epiphanies.

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