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  1. This is very good that you do admit that the sabbath is not the SUNday. However if anyone wants to be saved in the end we must follow God and not man. There is no scriptural authority for keeping SUNday as anything but one of the six work days of the week. For God’s holy word states that six days shall we labor and do all our work but THE seventh day is the day of rest. He did not say that we can choose one in seven.God chose the day so it would be wise to follow the counsel of God through His word.

    To do anything but work on SUNday is to break the forth commandment. Working on the seventh day, which is God’s rest day, the day which He set aside for a blessing to all mankind is breaking the forth commandment.

    Please, for the sake of your soul research where and how the SUNday crept into Christianity. Constantine was the first to demand people to worship on the SUNday, which is the venerable day of the sun god. Constantine, when he marched his army into the river and said “you are all Christian” was in fact baptizing paganism and that was the most destructive event to ever happen to Christianity. It opened doors for philosophy and man made ideals to subvert the word of God. The bible, and the bible only can save mankind. There is not a pastor, priest, nor denomination that will save anybody. We will all stand before the judgment seat alone, and be judged for what we did in this lifetime. Will you be found following man made traditions or God’s holy word the KJV bible?

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