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  1. Dave,
    I think what you have said is true. To even say “global warming” is a political statement by many when I mean it as a way to call attention to how we are living in disregard for God’s beautiful creation. It is not a political statement but a call to live in accord with God’s word.

    1. I agree with you, Pam. We are called by scripture to care for creation. It’s part of the human job description given n Genesis 2.

  2. My husband is a scientist and he happens to agree with Rush Limbaugh. He used to teach about global warming to his college students based on what he learned from his own college experience and then colleagues in the scientific community. Then he looked at the data himself. What a difference that made. His conclusion… climate does change… and sure we have an impact, but there are so many other factors involved. For example, if you look at past periods of times the earth has warmed, it is always followed by what? An ice age. Someday people may be upset that in our time we didn’t try to save all the heat we could prior to plunging into the next ice age. Also, have a mathematician look at the rate of ice melt and have them figure out what is wrong with the calculations and data that is reported on that topic. I was blinded at first, but once I saw the issue it was as plain as day. The data is highly exaggerated by the misleading way they do their calculations. There are other examples of data shared that is not complete, biased, and even fraudulent. While we want to certainly take care of the earth God has blessed us with, check the facts yourself before jumping on the band wagon. Spending all that we do in this area is not wise and could be much better used on other initiatives

    1. Well, Wendy, I think something like 2 or 3 % of weather scientists are also doubtful about human activity causing climate change. But then it is the nature of scientists to be always testing. But the worldwide the consensus is that human activity is contributing to the warming and it is causing the oceans to rise. (You won’t find a mayor of an eastern seaboard city who doubts that climate change and ice/snow melt is causing the ocean level to rise.)

      And do you really think the thousands of scientists from all over the world are doing their calculations wrong?? Give me a break. Remember that NASA, the agency that has sent humans into orbit and brought them back home like they were parking their car in a garage is at the forefront of U. S. research.

      You tell me to check the facts. Well, I am not a scientist but I know scientists–including one who now works at NASA–and these scientists have been checking the facts for decades.

    2. Band wagon = more data from research shows a pattern confirming hypothesis.

      BTW global warming does increase the likelihood of an ice age, please read more :

      P.S. Dordt had an excellent environmental science class when i graduated in ’96 – went to Au Sable in the summer as well – excellent addition to my Mech Egr degree. Perhaps Dordt should require it (as well as Theology 101) for their CORE program? What does it mean to be a good Steward? Excellent article Dave!

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