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  1. Thank you for explaining the meaning of “slacktivism”- a new term to me, and one I’m glad to know. Though I appreciate the article I cannot help feel there is an elitist, judgmental tone in the final two paragraphs towards “rural, suburban white churches” who may not have the right motives or ideas for helping others who are not like them. Maybe that’s true, but KJV bibles and other “useless” donations aside, an urban, radically hospitable, mission-community based faith community should perhaps be more generous in its attitude towards those not like them. The gospel of Jesus Christ and the radical, hospitable kingdom of God can be promoted through the most broken of communities that strive to act in grace and truth.

    1. Hey Mark….I appreciate the pushback. And probably, I should have considered the audience of this particular site a little bit more – the comment on “white suburban/rural” churches is more a take on a reality in urban centers – where city-dwellers run to race- & class-specific churches in the suburbs instead of choosing to be with their neighbors. I should also say that we also get LOTS of high-quality, well-thought-out donations from suburban and rural churches, as well as lots of great volunteers who care about our community and the communities they come from. But I had a word limit 🙂

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