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  1. Thanks, Bruce, for your thoughtful analysis of social media. I totally agree with you about the (current) domination of email as the go-to medium for organizational communication, and the downsides of this tool (e.g., the flooded inbox from group replies, etc. as you mention). Social media tools can help address that concern, but part of the problem is the fact that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are business entities that exist outside of the organization, and some institutions may not want to put their “sensitive” private messages out there in the hands of another organization. There have been some attempts at creating social platforms that an organization can “own” in-house (as they “own” their email systems), but not many of these have found much success.

    For educational institutions, this is also a concern. Most course management systems (CMSs) have a built-in “social” function that could be used this way…but then it’s one more system that needs to be checked for messages. Unless, of course, you have the CMS automatically send you notifications of new messages via email…which only adds to the overstuffed-inbox issue. 🙂 Thus is makes some sense to use existing social networks outside of the institution (i.e., Facebook or Twitter) where students and instructors are already checking in for their social fix, but this only lends to the same problem as the one for businesses: putting your information in the hands of another organization. It’s a sticky wicket, isn’t it?

    Those who know me will know that I am a social media aficionado and a fan of online tools in general, but I try to match the message with the medium. Sometimes, the best way to communicate is to just have a conversation face-to-face.

    Grateful for your work here, Bruce! Maybe I should walk down the hall and say so face-to-face. 🙂


  2. I agree with your thoughts on social media. We have evolved tremendously in the past decades. In 1968, anti-war activists came together in protest against the Vietnam War. People from all over the U.S gathered. The communication for these protests was difficult because of the lack of technology. Nowadays, the technology allows people to gather from all over the world to support what they believe in. Social media has enabled us to communicate with anyone in the world easily.

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