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  1. Steve, thanks for your timely and thoughtful article on standardized testing. Is testing intelligence-fair if tests focus only on math, science and English language arts? One adept teacher told me that these tests took away her joy of teaching because the end goal was to pass tests. Sadly, standardized tests tend to justify ineffective teaching approaches where knowledge becomes mere delivery rather than engagement. And this method of teaching fails to promote active learning through which students learn to be problem solvers, work collaboratively, have their ideas on the topic heard, apply critical thinking and use what they are learning beyond the classroom.

    One of the failures of testing is that it puts a lot of stress and pressure on some students. For instance, in Australia where my mother went to school, there was a test given at the end of 6th form. This test determined whether students could enter a college prep program in high school or whether they would enter a vocational program. Up until the point of testing my mother had been the top student in the grade, yet she did poorly on the test, and as a result entered a home economics program in high school. The teacher could not believe that could have happened to a top student. Fear of failure and stress on the part of students is something that seems completely overlooked in this current testing climate.

    Hurrah for your revolutionary article! Here at the Mita International Brain Center, we have passed your article forward through social media.

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